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Pretty URLs - SEO Friendly URL Remove IDs & Numbers Module v2.2.8

PrestaShop Advance Pretty URL Module makes SEO friendly URLs of your store by removing auto generated IDs/numbers from URLs of your products, categories, manufacturer & other pages. Auto 301 redirects old URLs to new URLs to avoid 404 errors.

What this Module offers:
  • Removes Ids & Numbers from your Store URLs
  • 301 redirects old URLs to new URLs
  • Provides a duplicate URL report
  • Set the product URL preference as with or without categories
  • Instantly get higher rankings in search results
  • Highest rated URL module on Prestashop Addons with more than 500 reviews and 16,000 downloads
  • Frequently listed as a top seller module
Why Clean Urls Are Important For SEO - Read Guidelines By GOOGLE
Do you want to remove IDs from the URLs of your PrestaShop store, so that links of the Ecommerce store become search engine friendly and in turn get you a better ranking in search results?
By default, all the URLs of Prestashop contain IDs that are not according to the guidelines provided by the search engines. PrestaShop Pretty URL module removes automatically generated IDs and numbers from the URLs so that they could become friendly not only to users but also to search engines for better ranking. Prestashop Pretty URL Module automatically removes all the default URL ids to better optimize them for search engines. This not only positively affects your rankings but at the same time also enhances the user experience.
Mostly dynamically generated URLs are meaningless, irrelevant, uninformative, and have less potential for higher ranks in search results. For that reason, the PrestaShop Search Friendly Pretty URL module cleans the URLs and make them more user as well as search engine friendly.  Rather than using irrelevant characters in addresses like www.domain.com/1-product-A, the add-on cleans the URL and adds the name of the product & service that is offered through the page like www.domain.com/product-A.
Our Prestashop Pretty URL Module is one of the highest-rated and most downloaded module on Prestashop Addons. Which on one hand shows the reliability of Pretty URLs and on the other hand shows that you can use it without facing any compatibility issues. 


Compatible with
  • Advance Search 4 Module
  • Professional Blog Module
  • Simple Blog Module
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  • Created: 2023-04-28
  • Changed: 2023-04-28
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