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Category: Magento

Nimble Payments

Añade una nueva forma de pago para tu site con Nimble payments. Nimble payments es la nueva plataforma de pagos del banco BBVA para procesar pagos utilizando tarjeta de crédito. Sólo necesitas darte de alta en la plataforma y configurar el módulo de pago con tu contraseña para empezar a procesar pagos. El nuevo método de pago aparecerá en el checkout conectado con Nimble para procesar pagos por tarjeta de crédito. Permite configurar los estados de los pedidos para pagos aceptados o rechazados con esta forma de pago. Incluye tres meses de soporte técnico para ayudarte con la instalación o integración en tu site.


InfoShop allows you to create one or more stores and show their details.

  • Create several stores belonging to your sites.
  • Configure, image, name, address of your shop.
  • Create date ranges to define open days.
Product Advisor

This extension allows you to create a flow of questions for your customers, showing the products that are more suitable for them according to their answers.

XLSPrice Calculator

XLS Calculator allows you to create dynamic prices using an excel file, you can freely combine formulas and use product data, like custom fields selected, basic price and/or quantity added. Also you will have available current user, store and group to include at the calculations.

SNS Simen - Responsive Magento Theme

SNS Simen – Responsive Magento Theme A fresh and clean design. If you want to have a very unique and attractive design and trying to make your way among numerous store owners, SNS Simen is a great starting point for you.

Messic - Fashion Magento Theme

Messic with exciting color style in design is borned to bring new breath and happy color to your store.

Diamond — Responsive Magento Theme

A few words about «Diamond»
«Diamond» is the Magento store template, which is made in a vintage style. Keeping pace with the times we offer a truly high-quality solution.