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Carousels Pack - Instagram, Products, Brands, Supplier v1.5.0


Do you have products that you would like to highlight and present in the most beneficial way? Carousels Pack is the easiest way to highlight and show your best products to customers.

What this module does for you

insert_chart Promote your products
How can this module help your business?
This module will help you to increase sales by highlighting your best products that you want your customers to discover. Instead of going from page to page in search of products, your customers will be able to see your best products by twisting them in a carousel.
List of possible types of carousels
  • Manufacturers ( Brands ) logo carousel
  • Suppliers logo carousel
  • Bestseller products carousel
  • Special products carousel
  • New products carousel
  • Viewed products carousel
  • Last ordered products carousel
  • Category Products carousel
  • Categories carousel
  • Featured products carousel
  • Products of same category
  • Products Accessories carousel
  • Twitter carousel
  • Instagram images carousel
  • Custom products carousel
  • Custom logos carousel


16 different types of carousels
10 different hooks and custom hook for each carousel which lets you to add carousel in any page location.
The function of choosing the number of items for any type of device.
Speed setting for carousel's slide, rewind and pagination.
The function of changing the positions of the carousels from the admin panel.
Carousel Enable / Disable functionality.
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  • Author: Community developer
  • Created: 2023-09-09
  • Changed: 2023-09-09
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