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Mega Menu PRO Module v2.4.9

The most powerful Advanced top PrestaShop mega menu module 2023, awesome design, super easy-to-use, display perfectly on mobile devices, visual drag/drop backend, support both vertical & horizontal responsive menu. The best navigation module ever



The most powerful Advanced top PrestaShop mega menu module 2023, awesome design, super easy-to-use, display perfectly on mobile devices, visual drag/drop backend, support both vertical & horizontal responsive menu. The best navigation module ever


1. Awesome design
We have optimized Mega Menu PRO to become a useful PrestaShop design and navigation tool with the best design options inclusive of prebuilt templates, submenu animations, and custom color options for you to create an eye-catching mega menu for your website.
  • Over 5 amazing pre-built templates are available to choose from in Mega Menu PRO module according to your preference.
  • Beautiful sub-menu appearance effects for the front end such as “slide down”, “fade in” and “zoom in”, etc.
  • Unlimited color options, including pre-made color sets. You can choose your own colors by using the color picker feature.
2. Support both vertical and horizontal menu
Mega Menu PRO allows you to create any type of top menu for your website. With this PrestaShop vertical & horizontal menu module, you can create a vertical menu, a horizontal menu, or combine both kinds of menu into one menu.
3. Complete visual drag and drop backend
To avoid reloading the website each time a change is applied in the backend, Mega Menu PRO has been built with 100% jQuery Ajax technology.
  • The jQusery Ajax Technology allows you to view changes you make in the backend, real-time on screen with no page reloading.
  • Simply drag and drop elements to create whichever mega menu you like, using this module as an idea creation tool.
4. Clean and professional mobile menu
Unlike many free PrestaShop mega menu modules, Mega Menu PRO - Advanced top menu for PrestaShop, supports smooth mobile viewing and browsing with its 3 awesome mobile menu types:
  • Side Menu – Floats from left to right or right to left
  • Bottom Menu – Appears below the main menu bar
  • Full Screen – Takes up the whole screen with a button to close the menu
5. Easily manageable backend
Managing this module does not require any advanced computer knowledge and can be done by anyone with basic computer knowledge due to the simplicity of its backend.
  • Mega Menu PRO - PrestaShop vertical & horizontal menu is smartly organized with 3 element types: menu, column, and block and it’s implemented based on bootstrap with 12 columns.
  • Adding, deleting, editing, and duplicating items can be done easily.
  • Easy drag and drop of items from sections are facilitated.
6. Easily customizable
We have equipped Mega Menu PRO with different customization methods to give your website mega menus a unique touch according to your requirements.
  • Multi-content types: you can use different content types inside your top menu (text, images, categories selection, manufacturer selection, custom HTML, videos, maps, products...)
  • Automatically select and display featured products: you can add new/popular/special/best sellers products block in any column. In addition, you can also choose specific items by their ID to display in top menu.
  • Extra features: display shopping cart, search box, user info links or custom HTML text in top menu.
  • Google fonts: select your preferred font from 500+ Google fonts provided by Mega Menu PRO.
  • Custom CSS: Add your own CSS via backend with color short codes for the mega menu.
  • Custom Class: Add custom CSS classes to any element.
7. Import/Export
Import/export your entire mega menu content in one click. This is an advanced, unique feature in our module that is not available in any other free PrestaShop mega menu module, which helps you to easily backup or transfer menu content when required.
8. Multi-language and RTL support
Mega Menu PRO is built to work perfectly with and support multiple languages including RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew…)
9. Loading speed
Mega Menu PRO has its own smart cache which makes entire menu content to be loaded instantly even when your menu has a complex structure with many menu items.
10. Many more other awesome features
This PrestaShop mega menu module comes with many more awesome features which include tab/list modes, custom hook, sticky menu, bubble colorful alert text, reset default, etc.


The simplified but feature-rich PrestaShop design and navigation tool - Mega Menu PRO is eye-catching, fast, and easy to manage. It comes with a large number of built-in features to make the usage of the PrestaShop mega menu a pleasant experience from both the front end and the back end.
Given below are some of the main features of Mega Menu PRO:
1. Design
  • 5+ mega menu templates
  • 8+ pre-made color skins
  • Custom color selection with color picker
  • 500+ Google fonts to select in 1 click
  • Custom CSS with color short codes
  • Custom CSS class support for any element
2. Management
  • Complete backend is visual drag/drop with 100% jQuery and Ajax
  • Easily add, edit, update, and duplicate any elements
  • Move elements from section to section by drag and drop
  • Multi-content types (text, images, categories selection, manufacturer selection, custom HTML, videos, maps...)
  • Add promoted products to PrestaShop menu easily
  • Option to always open vertical menu
  • Open the submenu by hovering the mouse pointer or clicking on the submenu name
  • Display shopping cart, search box, user info link, and custom HTML text on the top menu.
  • Import/export entire menu content (text and image) in 1 click
  • Backend with tab/listing mode
3. Performance and SEO
  • Load complex mega menu instantly with smart cache
  • CSS optimized
  • JavaScript optimized
  • HTML optimized for better speed and SEO
4. Mobile menu
  • Fully responsive PrestaShop mega menu
  • 3 mobile menu types (floating/side menu, bottom menu, and full-screen menu)
  • Smooth usability of touchscreen smartphones
  • Disable/enable sticky menu on mobile
5. Localization and internationalization
  • Multi-language support (For both the back end and the front end)
  • RTL layout supported (Both the backend and frontend of Mega Menu PRO - PrestaShop menu module works perfectly with any RTL language)
6. Other features
  • PrestaShop sticky menu
  • Bubble colorful highlight text
  • Custom hook
  • Reset to default settings option
And many more...

What your customers will like

  • The lovely and attractive PrestaShop mega menu is the first thing the customers who visit your website will love. The beautiful design with animation effects is definitely a factor that will make a customer come back for more.
  • The easy navigation is only second to the design in mega menu. The simplicity and the easy access to submenus and products on your website mega menu will provide your customers a convenient way to make their purchases online without any hassle.
  • Our “Smart cache” based fast loading feature sets Mega Menu PRO - PrestaShop menu module Your customers will love the speed of loading of your mega menu and will also prefer to visit your website and make purchases.
  • The customers who love to do mobile shopping will be very pleased with the great mobile experience Mega Menu PRO The professional mobile menu with its 100% responsiveness will set the bar high for other PrestaShop mega menu modules.


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