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Auction Product | Bid Online v6.2.0

Create an online and virtual auctioneering process for your products using the Auction Product module. It provides a fair chance to customers to acquire the product through competitive bidding. Supports various types of bidding processes.



Create an online and virtual auctioneering process for your products using the Auction Product module. It provides a fair chance to customers to acquire the product through competitive bidding. Supports various types of bidding processes.


PrestaShop Product Auction module is compatible with PrestaShop version 8.x.x.
This module is multi-shop compatible.
The auction product module is very much beneficial for merchants who want to sell their products at competitive prices in the market.
The auction process not only provides you with an option to sell the product at its fair value but also provides you with an idea about the demand for the product in the market.
Say, if you have a product for which your customers are willing to pay any price just to acquire the product. So, what does this mean for you?
It necessarily indicates that the product has clearly high demand in the market. And, if it’ll be readily available, then its sales will also be higher.
The auction process surely helps you in making some extra money & also allows you to determine whether the product has demand in the market or not.
Apart from the above, there are various features that this module provides in order to make the auction process simple & easy for the customers.
Auction Types
Standard: In this type of auction, your customers can bid any amount higher than starting bid price.
Incremental: In this type of auction, a customer can bid with a minimum increment value defined for each price range by the admin.
Automatic: In this case, bidders can bid the maximum value that they are willing to pay for the product & the other bidders will bid with minimum increment value over the previous bid.
Reverse: It’s exactly the opposite of the standard auction. In this type of auction, customers place bids lower than the starting price defined by the admin.
Email Notification
A bidder is always notified via mail in case if he/she wins the bid. Apart from the winner, a leading bidder is also notified via mail about the auction status.
Notifications like these help bidders to participate more actively in the auction process in order to acquire the product.
Auction Timer
An auction timer is also displayed continuously on the product page until the auction is active on the product.
This helps customers to know about the remaining time in the auction so that they can not lose to participate in the auction process.


    • The product auction module is multi-shop compatible.
    • Supports standard, incremental, automatic, and reverse bidding.
    • Add auction on in-stock active products.
    • Stop the bidding process on the product at your own convenience.
    • Enable or disable the bidder name to show on the front end.
    • Choose to add the tax to the final price of the auction product.
    • Enable or disable the auction tab on the top menu bar.
    • Set the incremental bidding on the product.
    • Enable or disable the automatic bidding for the product
    • Set the minimum difference between two bids in the case of a normal bid.
    • Enable or disable the “Increase Auction Time” and “Increase Buy Now Price”.
    • Option to set the bidding price at which auction will complete.
    • Customize the winning message to display to the bidder after winning the bid.
    • Set the number of hours within which customers can buy the product after winning an auction.
    • When an auction is there on any product, then the buyer can also buy it from the “buy now” button.
    • Enable or disable the selling of products after the auction ends.
    • Enable or disable continuing the auction after the customer purchases the auction product via the “buy it now” button.
    • Allow buyers to bid on more than one auction on the store.
    • Set the status of the auction as running, completed or stopped.
    • Admin can cancel auction bids.
    • Send bid cancellation email to customer.
    • Make second highest bidder as auction winner, if the first winner does not complete the purchase in given time.
    • Create auction in bulk using CSV file.
    • Display upcoming auctions by start time or as coming soon on auction page and auction listing page.
    • Supports bids in multiple currency. Customers can now bid on auction as per their context currency.
Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):
Q: Can a customer who won the bid in one of the auctions participate in other auctions running on the website?
A: A customer can only participate in other auctions if he/she won the bidding but did not purchase a product.
Q: What is the auction completion price?
A: An auction completion price is a price at which the auction will be complete. It means if someone bids that price, he/she will win the bid & no more bids will be allowed.
Q: What is the use of the “Buy it Now” button?
A: “Buy it now” allows the customers to buy the product at a fixed price set by the admin & without participating in the auction. But, if the bidding price exceeds the price of the product, then the product becomes unavailable for buying & can only be purchased through bidding.
Q: After how many days a customer can buy the product won in the auction?
A: A customer is allowed to buy the product only up to the number of days set by the admin to buy the auction product.

What your customers will like

  • Customers can have seasonal or discontinued products in less amount.
  • A customer may get the product at a better price due to the auction.
  • Customers can see a countdown for bidding on the product page.
  • A customer can set automatic bidding for the product.
  • Customers can buy the auctioned product directly using the “buy now” button.


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